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02132009 - CH 310M/318M MWF 9:00 Lecture 11 F Reading...

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CH 310M/318M – MWF 9:00 – Lecture 11 – F 2/13/2009 Graded Homework : HW#05 deadline = 3:00 p.m. on Mon 2/16 (last graded HW due before Midterm #1) Reading Assignment : No new reading… Textbook Problems : 2.8, 2.32-2.35 Last Time : Nomenclature of acyclic alkanes Today : Nomenclature of acyclic alkanes (continued; end Midterm #1 coverage) Conformational analysis of acyclic alkanes Midterm Exam #1 is scheduled for Thu 2/19 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Students who signed up to take the conflict exam will receive e-mail on Monday with further instructions Detailed information about the exam (coverage, ground rules, room assignments, etc.) will be posted in Blackboard sometime this weekend, and will be discussed in lecture on Monday…
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Rules for Naming Alkanes (Be sure to look at the online handout!!!) 1) Unbranched alkanes are named according to the number of C atoms (Table 2.1) 2) In a branched alkane, some of the C atoms are not part of the longest continuous chain (the parent chain). Identify the parent chain.
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