turkish lira assignment

turkish lira assignment - war on terror in the Middle East...

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Atinuke Omolara Introduction to Macroeconomics 1101: Sec 7 Dr. Donald Wargo February 10, 2009 Turkish Lira Assignment 1. How much is it worth in US $?   3,000,000 Turkish Lira is worth 1,860,880.53 US Dollars 2. Could you live for a year on this in the US?  Yes it is very possible to live for a year in the United States with $1,860,880.53 3. Could you live for a year on this in Turkey?  Yes you can, as the average GDP is $12,900 (2008 est.) 4. Look up the Country Profile on Turkey and attach the first page when you hand in  this assignment, so I know you read it. . See  www.cia.gov  and see the World  Fact Book on the Home Page of the CIA website.  Print! 5. Why is Turkey important to US interests in the Middle East? What did Turkey do  during the Gulf War that severely strained its relations with the US and how did  that hurt Turkey economically? 
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Turkey is of importance to the United States because they play a key role in the 
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Unformatted text preview: war on terror in the Middle East. The geographic location of Turkey provides the US with ideal facilities and strategic staging areas for operations. Turkey has also been victims to terrorist attacks so they sympathize with the United States. During the Gulf War, Turkey and the United States were strong allies but President Turgat Ozal was not all that willing to allow the U.S. to use Turkish facilities to conduct attacks against Iraq. Turkey has been suffering from the impacts of the Gulf War for more than a decade. It incurred a $30 billion-a-year bill due to the drastic decline of trade and tourism income. The economic sanctions against Iraq and the cost of shutting down the Iraqi oil pipeline caused the loss of border trade, the outflow of foreign investors from an unstable region, and sheltering 500,000 Iraqi refugees....
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turkish lira assignment - war on terror in the Middle East...

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