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OmolaraAtinuke-Assignment 1-R - Atinuke Omolara 911176509...

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Atinuke Omolara 911176509 Biology Assignment #1 Search Terms: Phylogeny and Human There is currently little explanation to the demographic history of human evolution due to a lack of anthropological evidence from the Middle Stone Age. A matrilineal phylogenic tree was composed by using mitochondrial DNA genomes from sub-Saharan lineages (specifically the Khoisan people of South Africa). It was suggested that the Khoisan matrilineal ancestry differed from the rest if the human mtDNA pool 90,000-150,000 ybp (years before present) and that 5 other lineages also existed in this time frame. There was also an estimation of 40 other revolutionary lineages that flourished 60,000-70,000 ybp. It was concluded that early human settlements in Africa were structured and evolving in small isolated populations. Behar, Doron M.; Villems, Richard; Soodyall, Himla, et al. (2008) The Dawn of Human Matrilineal Diversity. AJHG 82: 1130-1140 Upon comparing the genome of humans and chimpanzees a divergence was found which highlights human specific characteristics. Although a series of genes that underwent positive selection have been found, it is still hard to determine where and when changes occurred in the human lineage. A study was conducted by analyzing 2633 human expressed genes. The rhesus macaque (rhesus monkey) was used as an outgroup. The outcome was that genes with ah higher
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OmolaraAtinuke-Assignment 1-R - Atinuke Omolara 911176509...

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