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Atinuke Omolara Mosaic 852, Section 84 Professor Jamal Benin Makeup Test River out of Eden , written by Richard Dawkins, and Good Natured: the Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals , written by Frans de Waal, are two works that delve into the world of biology, specifically, evolution and the origins of life. These books however diverge in their discussion, and tackle two different aspects of Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Their purpose of writing their works and main argument are also dissimilar, though they have the same kind of audiences. Whether they were successful or not depends on the author’s ability to thoroughly discuss and verify their claims with substantial evidence and examples in biology. River out of Eden is a book that focuses on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. The theory of evolution or Darwinism states that all past and present species are related by descent from a common ancestor. In addition, there is the notion that the species have changed over a course of time due to a process called natural selection. Dawkins attempts to minimize the complicated specifics of evolution and genetics by utilizing metaphors, relating life to being a river of genes that flows through time and where “branching off” occurs because of mutations and geological events. Very early in the book, Dawkins’ states that his purpose of writing
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make up test - Atinuke Omolara Mosaic 852, Section 84...

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