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mosaic reflection 1 - as I looked around my class I thought...

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Atinuke Omolara Mosaic 851, Section 062 September 2, 2008 My First Impressions in Mosaic Before entering the class I was worried about the difficulty level of the class. I reviewed the books prior to coming to class and have heard that classics tend to require more analysis in order to understand. As we started the class and read the syllabus I realized that this class wasn’t much different from my last English class, which required periodical writing assignments and much participation. This made me felt more at ease because I do particularly well in class discussions and listening to other people’s arguments. Though I think a successful class discussion would be hard if everyone is facing one way, I think I expect interesting dialogue that would assist me in understanding the reading material and writing my paper. I say this because
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Unformatted text preview: as I looked around my class I thought that everyone was unique and came from different backgrounds. In my group I met four other people with whom I share similarities and differences. For example, I met a guy who was African, like me, but he was born there and left his family back home to study in the United States. This comes to show that although one may share common similarities, we all come from different journeys in life. All five of us in the group had different backgrounds and you could partially tell by looking at us but when one begins to share, you realize that everyone has a story. By the end of the class I was impressed and became comfortable with my class environment. After that I was looking forward to attending the next class....
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