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study guide - Chapter 7 Two types: (1) maximum-minimum...

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Chapter 7 Two types: (1) maximum-minimum problems and (2) related rate problems 7.2 Max-Min Word Problems o Ask you to find the largest or the smallest value a function has on an interval o Steps Read the problem once over quickly Read the problem again carefully, until you understand what is going on If the problem is a geometry problem, draw a picture and label what there is to label Identify in words whether you are maximizing or minimizing, and what it is exactly that you are maximizing or minimizing Write the general formula for what it is you are supposed to maximize or minimize Look at the problem again carefully to try to get a relationship between the variables. Write this relationship down as given Do the algebra to solve for one variable in the given equation as a function of the other Use your formula for one variable in terms of the other to rewrite the formula for what you want to maximize or minimize as a function of one variable only Write down the interval over which the above variable can vary, for the particular word problem you are solving Take the derivative, and do the algebra to determine where the
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study guide - Chapter 7 Two types: (1) maximum-minimum...

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