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1 API-202: Sections A Empirical Methods II Spring 2009 Assignment 4 Due March 6 at 5pm (Drop in API202A mailbox inside manila envelope with your KSG mailbox # written outside) Distance to College and Years of Schooling The University of California is establishing a new campus with the goal of increasing schooling among the African American (AA) and Hispanic families who live in that area. The assumption is that living near a college makes you more likely to go to college. In this exercise you will investigate the relationship between years of schooling of adults and the distance of their childhood homes from the nearest college. You will examine this relationship using data on a random sample of high school seniors who live in the Western states (A09_distancewest.dta). These students were interviewed as high school seniors, and then reinterviewed six years later to determine how many years of education they had completed. Race in this database is defined with three exclusive categories: AA, Hispanic, and Others (including white, Asians, etc). A data description is appended to this problem set. As always, be sure to report your Stata output and label it clearly so we can know to which question it corresponds. 1.- It is always a good idea to check the consistency of your data. Check whether the variables aa and hisp are exclusive – that is, no student is considered both Hispanic and AA. One option is to check each observation, but that takes too long. Think how to do it with the Stata commands you
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API-202A+Assignment+4+S09 - API-202 Sections A Empirical...

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