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218q1s - b determine both sign and magnitude of the binary...

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ESE218 Quiz 1 Name Februarv 5.2009 ID 1. Obtain the octal and hexadecimal forms of the binary number tO 1 n t' 10.012: Z'L 8: Z'Y t6 Cto" O\C C C,\ c" o tcc 2. Present the following decimal numbers in the binary form: a) l7n Y = L*z + O Jclt 3. Consider an 9-bit digital system operating with sisned binary numbers. The negative numbers are presented in the 2's complement form a) obtain the binary presentation for the following negative decimal number: i, na,eJ ]" Ll(:v 'tr L4'/ Jo u b f'/4'e"l tL' ":z I'L -7rc:L!1!lqqL
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Unformatted text preview: b) determine both sign and magnitude of the binary number presented as follows i'!+<n. +] =) uc.oc> r,i|\ 23+-k' tl:,, .,J +? ).+-ir t t i ctlc2 {tk ', fu't, = lls., +l + tt r | | t, ei\ L^rffi("t* -* 11110010r: -lq eA" W => v*&!\^i\^.,L<- 1"\ 2! ro*{tdnfia'"$tt' *0., o c, t I o \ € \19 c. <,{ \'"*;es-{ ffi gi>. .o1 *''*ab'+-ilttU ult I v t{Y FZ--r-'J \Y grre&{binary digits after the binary point) (1,*t t Z-) o Ct'i -,o"V "e,{ \ .! ./ L Y Z 'f''Z =-+-=/ --lF- o, g r;...
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