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ESE218 Quiz2 Name Februarv 12.2009 1. Present two unsigned 2-digit decimal numbers, 24 and 36, using BCD codes. Perform bitby bit addition of these numbers. ID 24rc= T | '101 ca$-6' oof ol oroc ecp 36ro: COLt/ CLtC ""o ' t6lo &'v'-.{ a 1-r, .r t t r.i . Ptllo u I lwtl_g:l:_ ---'-6 aa 1) Consider 3-digit decimal numbers with sign. a) Obtain the 10's complement for +36. Use decimal digits. n _ 03 e z b) Perform the following subtraction, 24-36,by addition of +24 and the 10's complement of +36. Use decimal digits. ZYr 76q = ?gg 4 v -5 7 tnug,a+"lr magni )4 ry-^ () los ct,*tlz+"*.*'}ya c) Determine the sing and tude of the result
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Unformatted text preview: /67u\ ( ta I ) | *-'/ \==:--n Qe-ewu. "/ G:&Ly, Om *tve+* i . '1 ,./\ lO - 188 : /lL .: )u-Lz/tuu$"je 3. Present 3-digit decimal number with sign, *36, using a2421code. o-36 oooo oolt tLoo \ 4. Obtain the242l code for -36 in the 10's complement form. Obtlin the following a) The 9's complement of +36. , / k*+- & t_ i h vz"tlhv,4 (EA \tLl lloo ooll b) The 10's complement from the 9's complement. Find i decimal equivalent and compare it with your answer in2a. t 1l 4 )nc.fs/bwatt"7 ril l # le I It Oa \.,--t -, 6 OIA.O v V I &re-a = - )Z...
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