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ESE218 Quiz 3 Name Februarv 19"2009 1. Reduce the number of literals to a MINIMUM. fff;\ :/N+ t) ('ul +a) = \ /-,- I' 2. Obtain the expression in both STANDARD forms. ; c.* 'tr .- X+y.Z': x " LY +*J : Y "Y + Y'Z' b SOP form: I r Y 1- X" L Posform: t" f Y-*A __".___-)_ In the following questions the complemented variables are available. 3. Implement function F using NAND gates only. Draw the gate-level
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Unformatted text preview: logic diagram =:----'------- =r--:-A +- RZ = k' tf F(A, B, C): A + B'C' : tr wD *aa-b>" t I oG +-D# ,-Pe n i f)/ ./-,\ n I | | r --T\-J L=) [ *f>cz---r c 7 ?-t' rrAnrU - /VA//O 4. Implement function G using NOR gates only. Draw the gate-level logic diagram G(X, Y, Z): (X + Y).2' -=- (?( * Y_) , ; OR _ A^/b \-Y A--_ 7_)/-uJ',' " J--f .z) e f-. Qt+\)'+...
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