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17c 1 page review sheet (1)

17c 1 page review sheet (1) - TA Henry Maar 17C brief...

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TA: Henry Maar, 17C brief review sheet Wilson: World War I; Red scare, Palmer Raids, espionage and sedition acts (jailing of dissenters); prohibition of alcohol (18 amendment); women’s suffrage (19 amendment); th th German-Americans castigated as enemies (“Frankfurter” becomes “hot dog”) Harding: pro-business admin (high tariffs); corruption (bribes, teapot dome) Coolidge: tax cuts for wealthy and corporations; less regulation of business; spreading wealth at home, growing economy (cars, movies, radios, washing machines, refrigerators); city life vs rural life; Sacco and Vanzetti; KKK; growing inequality Hoover: not as pro-business as Harding/Coolidge; stock market crash; Hoover’s limited reforms fail (Hoover does not see the role of government to handout aid); start of Great Depression FDR: The New Deal; WWII (think of domestic life: women at work, Japanese internment; think of foreign: what are we fighting against?) Truman: Dropping of the bomb; “fear of nuclear catastrophe”; start of Cold War; NSC-68;
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