IDs - Tianxia = the idea that all land under the heaven...

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Tianxia = the idea that all land under the heaven must be one (unified) Sinicization = refers to the process of "becoming Chinese" Impermanence, non-attachment, ephemerality Japanese veneration of China = Japan was taking in Chinese culture and system of government in order to adjust them to their own land, developing their own culture from the Chinese one that they brought in. Wei over Wu Mandate of heaven = the belief and explanation of the dynastic cycles in China, that a dynasty would end once it had lost the mandate of heaven and then a new dynasty would begin Confucianism = the teaching of Confucian that emphasizes human morality and right action Daoism = emphasizes the Way of nature, reveres Laozi as the god of the religion Buddhism= entered China during the 1 st century, a teaching about personal salvation, has a high ethical standard, Legalism = military rule, harsh punishments, strict 5 Confucian relationships = ruler-subject, father-son, teacher-student, older brother-younger brother, friend-friend, none of them are equal 3-fold relationship = teacher, disciple, teachings Tendai = established by Saicho; salvation can be obtained by all who led a life of contemplation and moral purity. Shingon = True Word, established by Kukai. Sometimes called Esotatic Buddhism because there was a secret teaching only transferred from a master to only one pupil Nichiren = the sect dedicated to the Lotus Sutra, founded by Nichiren Pure Land = founded by Honen, who said that enlightenment can be attained by calling out the name of the buddha Zen = a sect with its origin in China, brought over to Japan by Dogen, and emphasizes meditation and greatly influenced the arts of medieval Japan Yamato myth = the myth that they are the descendants of Amaterasu Standard vs. non-standard poetics = standard poetry has a lot of restrictions, such as no talking about
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IDs - Tianxia = the idea that all land under the heaven...

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