Syllabus winter 09

Syllabus winter 09
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Unformatted text preview: NAME______________________________ RECITATION SECTION_________ MEM202- Engineering Mechanics Statics Summer 2007 FINAL EXAM (Closed Book, Closed Notes, Show All Work, 6 Problems) Basic Formulas: 2 2 2 (Law of sines) sin sin sin c 2 cos (Law of cosines) α β γ = = = +-a b c a b ab-1-1-1 2 2 2 For vector : cos , cos , cos , cos cos cos 1 (Relation between direction cosines) cos (Dot product) θ = = = + + = = A A B y x z A A A A A A AB c a b α β γ NAME______________________________ RECITATION SECTION_________ Problem 1 An exerciser begins with his arm in the relaxed vertical position OA , at which the elastic band is unstretched. He then rotates his arm to the horizontal position OB . The elastic modulus of the band is k =60N/m. Determine the (a) (5pts) the magnitude of the force which the band exerts on the hand B and (b) (10pts) the moment of this force about O . NAME______________________________ RECITATION SECTION_________ Problem 2 A vertical load ...
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