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The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business ACC 310F: Foundations of Accounting Homework #3 Once you have completed the assignment below, you must enter your answers in the Assignments section of Blackboard on the answer sheet provided; not all homework answers will be turned in. Your answer sheet is due by 8am on Wednesday, October 8, 2008; print or save your conformation page to verify that your assignment was successfully submitted. If you have any clarification questions about the assignment, please post a note on the ACC 310F Class Q&A Discussion Board located in the Communication section of Blackboard. Stick-it! Incorporated buys USB flash drives used for data storage and then resells them to local area schools. Each unit is purchased for $13 and then resold for $20. The company had the following sales data available in units: June 800 (actual), July 1,250 (actual), August 1,900 (budget), September 875 (budget), October 650 (budget) and November 700 (budget). The
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