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The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business ACC 310F: Foundations of Accounting, Fall 2008 Course Information Section Time Location 02585 MW from 11-12:30pm UTC 2.112A 02590 MW from 12:30-2pm UTC 2.112A 02595 MW from 3:30-5pm UTC 2.112A Course Description and Objective Foundations of Accounting (ACC 310F) is an introduction to financial and managerial accounting. The course will focus on the content, interpretation, and uses of accounting information including financial statements as well as other accounting information used for planning and control purposes within a business. The objective of the class is to help you develop a better understanding of these concepts and learn how to apply them to your life. Contact Information Instructor David Verduzco Email [email protected] Office GSB 5.124D Office Hours To be determined Teaching Assistants To be determined Course Resources and Materials Website courses.utexas.edu Textbook Fundamental Accounting Principles 18th Edition (Media-Enhanced) by Wild, Larson and Chiappetta Note: To help reduce its cost, a custom version of this book is available at local textbook stores which contains only the chapters that you need for class. In addition, an on-line version of the textbook is available at http://ebooks.primisonline.com. Select Custom eBooks and follow the instructions. Other Basic calculator, internet access, PowerPoint, Word, Excel Grade Components Homework and Practice Problems Homework is a critical part of this course, as most of the concepts cannot be fully understood until worked through with related exercises. As such, graded homework assignments will be periodically assigned. These assignments will generally be turned in electronically through Blackboard. Specific details such as homework content, due dates, etc. will be discussed in class. To help you prepare for the homework assignments, suggested practice problems from the textbook are noted in the class schedule below. Solutions to the practice problems will be ACC 310F Page 1 of 4
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posted to the class website. These exercises should help you prepare for class in general, the related homework assignments as well as exams.
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