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BIO 311C_F08_syllabus - BIO 311C Uniques 50725-50740...

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BIO 311C Introduction to Biology I Fall, 2008 Uniques: 50725-50740 Class meetings: M, W, F 1 – 1.50 pm Lecturer: Dr. Anita Latham Office: PAI 1.22B Phone: 232-5161 [email protected] Office Hours: M, W, F at 10.50 am – 11.50 am (or by appointment) Teaching Assistant: Ryan Wong Office: PAT 503 [email protected] Office hours: Mon: 2-3 pm; Wed 2 – 4 pm The best way to contact us outside of class time and office hours is by email. Course description: 311C is designed for majors in biological sciences, and for others if required by their departmental programs. This course covers major concepts in biological chemistry, cellular organization, metabolism, cell cycle, gene expression, gene regulation, recombinant DNA and stem cells. Prerequisites: You must have already completed with a grade of at least a C or be registered for CH 301 or equivalent chemistry course. If you do not meet this requirement, you will be automatically dropped from this class. Required Textbook: Biology by NA Campbell and JB Reece. Benjamin Cummings, 8 th edition. The 7 th edition may also be used although there may be some variation in content and reading assignments. Classroom courtesy: Please help us all concentrate on learning biology in the classroom: be on time to class, turn all cell phones to off, stay off the internet, avoid leaving early, and minimize distracting conversation. Thank you - your classmates and I will appreciate it. Lecture presentation slides: Material will be presented in class in the form of power point slides. Selected slides will be uploaded on Blackboard at http://courses.utexas.edu under “Course documents” and students can access this class using their UT EID. Students are encouraged to take additional notes in class in order to supplement information on slides. Class attendance: is required and class participation encouraged! Attendance will be taken after the first day of class, and will be used to assess student’s performance in the course. We have found a strong correlation between a student’s overall performance and attendance. A student during class found to be engaged in non-class related activities (reading the newspaper, surfing the web etc) may be marked as absent from class. Portions of the material relevant to exams will be emphasized during class; such information may not be present in slide presentations, hence it is in the student’s best interest to attend class
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regularly. If you must miss a lecture, review the slides, do the required reading and check with at least one other classmate who attended the lecture for any additional notes. After you have done this, you may also make arrangements with your lecturer or T.A. to review the material you missed.
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