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UWP 1 Sec 6 Paper # 4: Researched argument Your final paper assignment is a researched argument of 1500-2000 words, in which you identify the various sides of an issue or debate, present your own position, and attempt to persuade your reader of your point of view. You must use at least three scholarly sources from outside our class reading. At least one of these sources must be a scholarly journal or a book. If you choose to use a website, make sure it is an authoritative source. Choose one of the following prompts: 1. What is the greatest problem facing education in the US, and how should it be addressed? Focus on either higher education (the university) or K-12. Discuss the current state of the system, and various perspectives on what problems need to be addressed. You might think about the different groups involved (teachers, politicians, taxpayers, etc.) and how their perspectives differ. 2. Analyze the controversy surrounding universal health care in the US. Identify its supporters and detractors and their respective arguments.
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