Fall 08 Quality Analysis

Fall 08 Quality Analysis - Fall 2008 Quality Analysis...

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Fall 2008 Quality Analysis Practical Card Assignment TXA 316Q Prideaux OBJECTIVE To develop the student’s ability to identify and analyze the quality of products studied in class and illustrated through the texts. To encourage the student to examine and assess the quality of products in the marketplace using newfound knowledge by articulating the assessment through product examination done independent of class. To provide study and review opportunity for the student prior to the exams. ASSIGNMENT Students are required to go into the market place o To examine details of and about finished sewn goods. o To record field information and assess quality, details and technique about the sewn goods based on the guidelines of the text and information delivered in lecture. PRESENTATION Use only large (5x 8) index cards punched and secured neatly on the upper left hand corner with a large single loose-leaf ring to submit your observation and conclusions. The assignment must be either legibly hand written or typed. Each card set should include a cover card with the student’s name, class name and unique number for proper identification. Students should submit only one question per card putting the question number and date on the top line, upper right hand side. You may use both sides of the card if required. Keep the cards up-to-date. Procrastination will make this assignment difficult and tedious. Although this is not a writing class, spelling and grammar do factor into the assignment. Proof read all work before submission. o If using a spell-check on the computer exercise caution. Yoke on a blouse is not the same as yolk on a blouse. Then and than are not interchangeable. Assess and access are not the same. o Verbs and subjects should agree. o Articulate the point. Price point does not make a difference in quality; it can reflect a difference in quality. Know and use the specific names of the items being identified. This is the whole point of the course . GRADING CRITERIA The abilities to follow instructions and to present and communicate content accurately are very important skills; therefore, this will be reflected in the grade received on this card assignment. Each number must be complete and all points of the requested information must be presented as required for full point-credit. Neatness and presentation factor into the grade.
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Fall 08 Quality Analysis - Fall 2008 Quality Analysis...

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