Fall08 TXA 316Q Syllabus

Fall08 TXA 316Q Syllabus - TXA 316Q - SEWN PRODUCTS...

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TXA 316Q - SEWN PRODUCTS ANALYSIS Fall 2008 UNIQUE 57055 Mon/Wed - 2:00-3:15 NANCY PRIDEAUX OFFICE PHONE: 471-4229 GEA 237 Email: nprideaux@mail.utexas.edu OFFICE HOURS: M-W 3:15 – 4:30 and by appointment Sewn Products Analysis is an examination of sewn apparel and accessories including manufacturing methods, industry structures, construction techniques and quality, relative costs, and appropriate terminology. To complete this class students will be required to demonstrate the ability to apply information and to show evidence of attainment of knowledge through accurate and articulate evaluation of apparel quality and production throughout the course of this study. REQUIRED TEXT READY TO WEAR APPAREL ANALYSIS , Third Addition PRENTICE HALL ISBN: 13-9780130254344 ADDITONAL READINGS Packet available at Jenn’s Copy Center on Guadalupe Street COURSE EXPECTATIONS Read assigned pages in the text and any additional sources prior to class . Attend all class lectures Complete all exams and assignments. TXA316Q FALL 2008 IMPORTANT CALENDAR DATES October 1 Exam I and Cards Due October 29 Exam II and Cards Due December 3 Exam III and Cards Due December 13 Final Exam 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. location TBA CLASS FORMAT AND POLICIES PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR: The expectation is you will conduct yourselves professionally. This includes arriving to class on time; turning off your cell phones, Blackberries, etc., during class; refraining from conducting personal conversations during class and generally being respectful to your classmates and your instructor. If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to contact a classmate for missed notes or other announcements. Use of computers shall be limited to note taking during lectures. I ask that students using a laptop to take notes sit in the first four rows of the classroom. If it is discovered that the student is using the computer to IM, send and or receive e-mail, surf the web, he or she will be asked to turn off the computer and forfeits the privilege of using the computer Students should refrain from other activities, which can be distracting either
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to the instructor or to other students. In particular, reading the newspaper or a magazine, and or eating one’s lunch can be very distracting. ATTENDANCE
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Fall08 TXA 316Q Syllabus - TXA 316Q - SEWN PRODUCTS...

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