SOCY 2031 Test 4 Study Guide

SOCY 2031 Test 4 Study Guide - Study Guide Exam 4 SOCY 2031...

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Study Guide Exam 4 SOCY 2031: Social Problems Lecture: lookism: discrimination based on appearance; better looking is more privileged heightism: discrimination based on height; taller more privileged Ableism: discrimination based on disabilities, not necessarily physical 1990 American with Disabilities Act: working to make classrooms equal for those with disabilities o Signers /closed caption classism: any form of prejudice/racism towards another class o reinforces stratification o similar to social elitism o lower class looking to upper class: jealousy/admiration/anger o upper class looking down on lower class: keeping less in their place English Only Movement: English should be official language o Bilingual studies in schools is wrong o 1906, “We have room for only one language.” –Teddy Roosevelt o Alternative language would have been German o Issue until WWI: Who should we support? o People support this to enforce immigration laws Dual Speaking Decrees: Louisiana (French), Maine (French), Hawaii (Hawaiian) English Plus Laws: Encouraging ‘native tongue’ of English Language Ageism: o Can result in prejudice against old, young, and middle aged o Children do not have same constitutional rights as adults status offense example: man in women’s restroom o age offenses: curfew, driving, cigarettes pedophobia/pediaphobia: discrimination based on fear of kids 1993 Summer of Violence in Colorado: what was it? What were the results? o In the summer months, a series of random violent acts seriously injured or killed several people o The availability of firearms to youth was a large cause for the increased violence o Romner called a special legislative session in September 1993 creation of an Interim Committee on Youth Violence that studied juvenile justice activity in the State children's code was in need of revision number of children in need of support services overwhelmed the human service and judicial systems imbalance between treatment and aftercare for children receiving services the importance of the community's role in providing services to youth and the necessity of interagency communication in providing appropriate sanctions and services to children. o 1994 introduction and enactment of S. 9421 Biocentrism: one form of life has more value over another form of life 1980s Super Fund programs—government came out and cleaned up environmental messes; example: Rocky Flats [paid for with tax dollars] radical vegetarianism: inhumane to eat meat, waste of resources, harmful to society animal testing o medical testing o critics say not necessary (ex: cosmetics)
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Guest Speaker: Kevin O’Hornett What does it mean to pass: a gay person does not carry the stereotypical traits Importance of electroshock therapy: when gay people started coming out, they thought it was a chemical imbalance so they used this to cure it, but he called it torture PFLAG: Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
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SOCY 2031 Test 4 Study Guide - Study Guide Exam 4 SOCY 2031...

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