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Unformatted text preview: The Job Search Cover Letters 1 1. 2. 3. To introduce yourself more fully and personally To highlight your strengths in terms of benefits to the reader (complements resume) To gain an interview HOW LONG? Cover Letters: 3 General Purposes Some HRM experts say no more than 4 paragraphs, yet others desire longer letters Follow your own judgment (if you absolutely need more space, then use it) 2 Writing a Persuasive Job Application Letter I. Opening (WHY you are writing) Address the letter to an individual by name. For advertised jobs, name the source; include job title, date, and publication. If someone referred you, name that person. Show that your qualifications fit the job specifications, show your knowledge of the reader’s business, or show that your special talents will be assets to the company. 3 WHY YOU ARE WRITING • Jane Smith suggested that I write you concerning a position as a management trainee at your bank. Please accept my application for the Legal Assistant position you posted on Jobtrak. I am confident that my background and skills will prove to be an effective match for your needs. I am anxious to speak with you about the position and our respective goals. 4 • II. Body (WHAT you have to offer the reader) Demonstrate that your background and Writing a Persuasive Job Application Letter training meet the job requirements. Summarize your principal assets from education, experience, and special skills. Avoid repeating specific data from your résumé. Refer to your résumé. 5 WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER THEM • I am especially interested in working at your school because my student teaching experience in designing and executing a career awareness program fits very appropriately into the pilot career program you instituted last year. This one sentence communicates interest, motivation, strengths, and intelligence. 6 • • As editor­in­chief of the XXX newspaper, I introduced a more attractive and readable format, developed several new columns to broaden our scope, and improved the quality of writing. Your posting indicates that you seek candidates with business degrees and sales experience. My educational background in business and psychology, combined with my fund­raising experience with XXX WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER THEM • 7 III. Closing (FOLLOW­UP) Writing a Persuasive Job Application Letter Ask for an interview. Consider hooking the request to a statement reviewing your strongest points. Make it easy to respond. Tell when and where you can be reached (during office hours). Some recruiters prefer that you call them. 8 FOLLOW­UP Kindly review the enclosed resume for additional information about my accounting education and related work experience. Work samples and further details are available in my electronic portfolio at jfulton@netdoor.com. Please call or write so we can discuss my joining the audit staff of Foster & Daniel. 9 Guidelines for Cover Letters & Follow­up Letters see pages 528­9 in your text 10 END Cover Letters 11 ...
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