lesson 11 - Summary of initiatives Ithacas Eco-Village...

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Summary of initiatives Ithaca’s Eco-Village Eco-Village at Ithaca is a comprehensive and self-sustaining community aimed at fostering sustainable living and culture. It contains an organic vegetable farm, an organic berry farm, office spaces for cottage industries, a community root cellar, community gardens and a variety of natural areas. Over 80% of the 175 acre site is planned to remain green space, including 55 acres in a conservation easement held by the Finger Lakes Land Trust. The Ecovillage also plans on building more accessible and affordable housing, an education center, village-scale wind power, organic orchards, a roadside farm stand, on-site biological wastewater treatment, graywater recycling, biomass energy crops, onsite biodiesel/vegetable- oil fuel production, shuttle van and a natural cemetery. The Civano Project The Civano Project is a community located near Tuscan, Arizona developed with the goal of exemplifying sustainability and conservation. Many different organizations came together in 1989 to begin planning the Civano Project, in order to construct homes in a development that promotes sustainable design. Solar technology such as the use of shading, day lighting and higher performance windows will be used in building construction. There will also be land set aside for future economic use of photovoltaic energy generation. High efficiency irrigation systems will be used to observe conservation standards. The Civano Project has performance targets that are updated every couple of years to continually strive for increased sustainability.
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lesson 11 - Summary of initiatives Ithacas Eco-Village...

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