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Marble Rock Instructions 331

Marble Rock Instructions 331 - If you are given a class...

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Four Easy Steps To PKL Software 1. Go to www.pklsoftware.com 2. On the Home page, select the software product you wish to use. 3. On the Log-In page, click on the Yellow Button that says: First Time User? Click Here! 4. Print the instructions and carefully follow the steps listed to complete the license purchase and the student registration process. Your Professor Class Code: 331001
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Unformatted text preview: If you are given a class code by your professor, carefully enter this code while registering. If you do not have a class code, leave this data entry box blank. If at a later time your professor assigns a class code, go to Administration on the Menu Bar and select Change User Data . Enter your assigned class code and click on Submit User Data....
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