BULE HW 1 301

BULE HW 1 301 - What can you do to help find out why you...

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Prof. Julie Shubin BULE 302-012-S09 February 27, 2009 Homework 1 (20 points) This homework assignment is due in class on March 6, 2009 (no late assignments or emailed assignments will be accepted unless approved by me). The assignment is worth 20 points. The assignment must be typed and include the questions and answers (please feel free to type your answers in a different font or color to make it easier to grade). This assignment must be done independently (that means – don’t work in groups or ask your classmates for help). 1. Your business requires that your travel constantly to Canada. It is more convenient for you to drive rather than fly so you pass through the international border by car. You don’t know why, but during the last 5 border crossings (for your 3 most recent round-trips), you have been stopped by CBP agents and asked questions. During all of these trips the CBP agents have searched your laptop and your new Blackberry.
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Unformatted text preview: What can you do to help find out why you are being stopped? (I’m looking for something very specific) 5 points 2. More CBP questions (total points 6): a. name the two programs at CBP that use dogs (2 points) b. Please state the name of the dog that won the 2004 Paws to Recognize Tribute to Working Dogs. (1 point) c. How many concealed humans did the dogs in one of the CBP programs detect in FY 2005. (1 point) d. provide 2 other ways the dogs in that program are used? (2 points) 3. On of the federal agencies we talked about in class has information for citizens regarding radon in granite countertops. Please identify a federal agency that provides this information and specifics as to where in the 1 website you found this information – you may provide the link. (3 points) . 4. Name Prof. Shubin’s cats that have been introduced in the cat slides or which cat recently celebrated a birthday? 2...
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BULE HW 1 301 - What can you do to help find out why you...

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