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1. Countries of the world-- 2. Global population maps-- study the patterns for highest/lowest countries (these maps are on powerpoint slides your TAs used as well as in your text book) crude birth rates, crude death rates natural increase infant mortality 3. Some features in South Asia that you should study-- Major Rivers S.Asia (see map 6 or an atlas for location) Ganges Godavari Narmada Krishna Brahmaputra
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Unformatted text preview: Indus Major Cities in India ( is some help for location New Dehli Madras (Chennai) Bangalore Bhopal Bombay (Mumbai) Calcutta (Kolkata) Mountain Ranges Himalayas Western Ghats Eastern Ghats Plateaus Tibet Deccan Desert Thar Desert 4. Agricultural Regions (Map 8 “color” version on the Geography/102 web site)...
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