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TermsB - Human Geography Veness Terms B BROAD ENVIRONMENTAL...

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Unformatted text preview: Human Geography, Veness Terms: B BROAD ENVIRONMENTAL TYPES TRADITIONAL LIVELIHOOD TYPES Tropical Rain Forest (RF) —Hunting, gathering, fishing, mining broadleaf evergreen forest —Shifting cultivation (i.e. slash & burn) Tropical Savanna (TS) -Hunting, gathering, fishing, mining -lntensive subsistence agriculture Desert (D) —Hunting, gathering, mining -Pastoral nomadism (i.e. transhumance) Mid-Latitude Forest/Grasslands (ML) -Hunting, gathering, fishing, mining -|ntensive subsistence agriculture —Pastora|ism (Le. ranching) Coniferous Forests (CF) -Hunting, gathering, and fishing Tundra (T) -Hunting, gathering and fishing —Pastoral nomadism (i.e. transhumance) lce Cap (IC) -Litt|e means of subsistence Highlands -Various livelihoods depending on elevation/latitude/precipitation Have a good sense of where these are found on a map as well as the names of the countries where they exist. Other Terms Economic: Human/Environmental: Categories of economic activities: Environmental determinism primary—quaternary activities Environmental accommodation Subsistence economic activities: Environmental modification intensivelsedentary)/extensive (migratory) Vertical zonation (tierra Commercial agriculture caliente, templada, fria, Plantation agriculture puna/péramos, altiplano) Crop rotation Intertillage Paleolithic/neolithic societies Single-crop vs. mixed farming Double—cropping Accessibility Cultural: Culture hearth Ethnocentrism Cultural landscape Cultural diffusion Colonialism migrations: forced/voluntary push/pull factors ...
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