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Unformatted text preview: Geog 102 Week 5 Quiz today Week 5: “After Independence: India’s effort to curb population growth via modernization” Agricultural Innovations – Green Revolution (what, where, when, who?) Text: 7 (251­256), 8 (316­334) www.indiaonestop.com/Greenrevolution.htm www.fao.org/FOCUS/E/Women/green­e.htm – Social and Environmental Impact of Ag. Innovations Industrialization to generate economic growth and reduce population http://india_resource.tripod.com/environ.html http://indiabudget.nic.in/es98­99/chap1104.pdf http://paa2007.princeton.edu/download.aspx?submissionId=7192 – Text: 7(257­297), 2(69­81) – Prerequisites for Industrialization—basic ingredients – Rostow’s Model of “Western­style” Economic Development­­ pros/cons ...
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