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Homework 2 NAME: Gary Rossetto For best results, type the answers in before you bring to class 1. The tropics are located around the equator and are characterized by lots of rain forests and high diversity of life. Deserts are located just to the north or south of tropical areas and are characterized by a low diversity of life. How are these two types of area linked by the global climatic cycle? (See chapter 3) The Hadley cells cause the hot air at the equator to rise and form clouds, where it rains. Then the clouds move North and South. The air is dry by the time it reached 30 degrees latitude. It pulls moisture out of the environment as the pressure increases and the altitude decreases. This causes the deserts. 2. You will hear about the u pwelling of deep ocean water fairly often in this course because it is the reason whales, seals, and fish are so abundant off northern California and that redwood trees grow in fog. Explain briefly what causes upwelling. The Coriolis effect causes the ocean water to move off shore at a 45 degree slant.
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