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PHY103N Prelabs - α the vertical intercept b and their...

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PHY103N Pre-lab 0.W2 Show all your work on this and all pre-labs 1. Given x , x , y , y, l and l calculate the following expressions: a. 2 2 l y x + , b. + l y x ln . 2. Assume that you have hand-graphed the R 2 vs. V plot, described in 0.W2.2 section of your manual (look at the section, YOU DON’T NEED TO MAKE THE PLOT). Consider the coordinates of two distant points on the best fit line ( V i ,R i 2 ) and ( V f ,R f 2 ) and write down the formula for the calculation of the slope α of this line. Given α shallow and α steep write the formula for ∆α . 3. For the same R 2 vs. V experiment, give the appropriate forms of formulae (0.3), (0.4) and (0.5) for the least-squares calculations of the slope
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Unformatted text preview: α , the vertical intercept b and their uncertainties. DO NOT PLUG-IN NUMBERS. Just write the formulas for the problem variables. 4. According to the lab manual, what is the expected value of e / m ? What about the uncertainty of that value? 5. The equation 2 2 2 B R V m e = is a relation describing the motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field. Suppose you have plotted R 2 vs. V. Use the aforementioned equation to show how the slope a of this graph relates to m , e and B . Solve for e/m . Give the uncertainty of e/m in terms of the remaining parameters....
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