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P2.W1 – DC Circuits Main concepts:  electric potential, current, resistance, Ohm's law Serway Text: Ch. 25, 27, 28 Concepts 1) Using the figure below, determine the equivalent resistance, R eq , and the uncertainty in R eq , R eq. 2) What is the equation for a weighted average? When should this equation be used instead of regular averaging? What is the uncertainty of the weighted average?   Equipment 3)You will use a multimeter as an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter.  What will we measure
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Unformatted text preview: with each of these? How do you connect a voltmeter to your circuit? How do you connect an ammeter? 4) What is the value of uncertainty for a measurement taken with the multimeter? 5) What is the purpose of connecting a charged object to “ground”? Calculations 6) The color bands of a given resistor are: blue, brown, orange, and gold. Determine the resistance using Table 2.1 in your manual....
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