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PHY103NPLW4 - a ∆ t the phase difference b A pp the peak...

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P4.W  Measurements with the Oscilloscope Please Show All Work! 1) What are the three shapes of periodic signals a function generator can produce?  2) We will be using an oscilloscope to look at generated wave functions in lab.  What does the oscilloscope measure on the y-axis of the digital display?  On the x-axis?  Can the oscilloscope display anything but periodic functions?  3) Label the following on the drawing:
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Unformatted text preview: a) ∆ t , the phase difference. b) A pp , the peak to peak amplitude of F1 . c) T , the period of F2 . 4) What components are in a phase shifter circuit? If I put a periodic signal into a phase shifter circuit, how will the output signal be different from the input? What is the equation which relates the angular phase difference to the time shift of the output?...
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