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P7.W   Polarization of Light Please Show All Work! 1. Explain what is meant by “polarization of light”. 2. True or False? a. Unpolarized light cannot be polarized. b.Unpolarized light has photons with polarizations in every direction. c.White light is always unpolarized light. d.Unpolarized light must have unpolarized photons. e. Light is a wave of an electric field. 2. Explain why the intensity of light is reduced through a polarizer.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Unpolarized light is incident upon a polarizer. This light is then incident upon a second polarizer before it reaches a photodetector. The axis of the second polarizer is at an angle θ 12 with respect to that of the first polarizer. What is the intensity I detected by the photodetector, as a function of I 0 (the unpolarized light intensity) and θ 12 ?...
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