ICS_301_08_03_sol - worksheet#3Solutions 1 (STM) electrons.

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CH108- Intensive Chemistry Seminar - Fall 2008 worksheet #3 Solutions 1. A scanning tunneling microscope (STM) images atoms using low-energy electrons. What is the advantage of an STM over an electron microscope? Electron microscopes use high energy electrons which impart a significant amount of energy to the sample and can damage the sample under investigation. STM is a very sensitive imaging technique that does not harm the sample. 2. What is a tunneling current? Describe how an STM uses this tunneling current to image the surface of a material. Tunneling current is a current, or flow of electrons, that passes from the sample to the probe tip in an STM. As the sharp tip scans the surface of a material the sample the magnitude of the tunneling current changes and thus provides an atomic scale image of the sample. 3. What key pieces of information does an STM visually confirm? STM confirms the size of atoms and the distances between atoms on the surface of a material. 4.
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ICS_301_08_03_sol - worksheet#3Solutions 1 (STM) electrons.

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