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Homework #8 (for week 9) NAME 1. Wild turkeys have recently invaded Davis and have made the national news because they attack people and dogs going for walks in a local park (see article in Davis Enterprise , Nov 25, 07). Turkeys were introduced into California by the Department of Fish and Game for sport hunting and they have now spread over much of the state, but hunting, although popular, does not affect their populations. Fossils of wild turkeys (different species than the modern turkey, but similar) are known from California. a. Should wild turkey be treated as a native or alien species? Explain. They should be treated as an alien species. They are not a part of the original community. If they are no longer used as game animals close to residential areas, they should be considered pests. b. What would you recommend be done to wild turkeys that attack people in Davis? I think that they should be killed if they are attacking people. They were intended to be game animals, so they would be serving their purpose. They are not a species that needs to be preserved, and
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