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Homework #5 NAME: Gary Rossetto 1. Thoreau said “ In wildness is the preservation of the world” (see Primack p. 16-17). What did he mean by this? Is this a fact or just a hypothesis? Thoreau is saying that the world is naturally wild so by preserving wilderness, we preserve the natural world. This is a fact. In order to preserve the earth for future generations, we need to preserve the wilderness that has not been altered by humans. 2. According to your reader, extinction is a natural process. So why are some many people concerned about endangered species, which are species on the verge of extinction. Why not just let species like the delta smelt go extinct? Extinction is a natural process, however it can be caused by unnatural things. This is the case with the Delta Smelt. The the delta smelt is going extinct due to unnatural things. They did not have time to adapt to the pumps that were put in. The pumps being added
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Unformatted text preview: were not a natural part of their environment, so they are not meant to go extinct. They are not being killed by a natural cause. 3. What is genetic diversity and why is it important? Genetic diversity is the variation of a species genotype. This is very important because if all of the animals in a given species had the same exact DNA, they would have no variation to fight off disease. If something could harm one of them it could wipe out an entire population. 4. Apply a general principle of Conservation Biology (from either lecture or reading) to the management of woodland caribou. Captive breeding has been used recently. This is because the groups that are on the verge of disappearing are also decreasing faster than the large herds. The captive breeding is just a way of maintaining the minimum needed number of animals until the other environmental problems are fixed....
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