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Quiz 1 - Checks were the things that he believed to help...

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Optimal outbreeding- Outbreeding is when animals find a mate that is not related to them, and is far from their own lineage. Optimal outbreeding is when an animal finds a mate that is different from it’s self, but still familiar. His ensures that there is not too many physical differences, however there is a great enough genetic variation that they will not have the negative effects of inbreeding. Voyage of the Beagle- This was the five-year voyage around the world where Darwin collected samples and made observations of nature. He observed fossils in layers of rock, and subtle variations within species of animals on this trip. Many of his observations lead to his theory of Natural Selection and evolution. Preventative checks- Malthus proposed preventative checks.
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Unformatted text preview: Checks were the things that he believed to help control the human population. Preventative checks involved misery, and lead to vices. These immoral vices could result from delaying marriage. He also believed that homosexuality was an immoral check on the population. Minor marriage-A minor marriage is when two children are arranged to be married when they are young. They grow up together and live like siblings until they are old enough to support themselves. This system seems to produce long lasting relationships with low divorce rates, however children who have minor marriages have less children than people who meet later in life. This is because they grow up having a sibling relationship instead of an intimate relationship....
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