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cheat sheet exam2 - Chapter 19 F=qvB=(mv/r) r=(mv/qB)...

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Chapter 19 F=qvB=(mv²/r) r=(mv/qB) B=(μ o I/2πr) μ o =4πe^-7 Tm/A ΣBΔl= μ o I (F/l)=(μ o I 1 I 2 /2πd) B( mag field at center of coil )=N(μ o I/2R) B(mag field in solenoid)= μ o nI n=N/l Chapter 20 Φ B (flux) =BAcosθ ε( faradays law of induction )= -N(ΔΦ B /Δt) IεI( motional emf)= Blv ε (generators )=NABω sin(ωt) ε( self-induced emf )= -L(ΔI/Δt) L( inductance of coil )=(NΦ B /I) L( inductance of solenoid )= (μ o N²A/l) ~After one time constant τ=L/R, the current in the circuit is 63.2% of its final value ε/R. As the current approaches its final, max value, the voltage drop across the
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