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Quiz 3 - Quiz 3 Veneer theory This is the theory that there...

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Quiz 3 Veneer theory: This is the theory that there is only a small layer that keeps us from being primitive, and animal like. Without this veneer, our emotions would run wild and we would express ourselves openly with violence and anger. Since a veneer is thin, this shell can easily be broken to reveal our rough interior. This is significant because it shows that there is only a thin layer that ides our animal instincts. Self-awareness: An animal that is self-aware has the ability to recognize itself. The most common way to see if an animal is self-aware is to put it in front of a mirror. Paint or some other type of spot is put on the animal to see how they react to their reflection. Before these tests were done, it was assumed that humans were set apart from the rest of the animals kingdom because we were self aware and other animals are were not. Since animal’s self-awareness has been proven, we have had to find different things that separate us.
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