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Quiz 2 Kin Selection- Some insect colonies consist mainly of sterile workers. It does not make sense that natural selection would favor a phonotype that is not able to breed. This is what kin selection explains. An organism will sacrifice its self for a relative, as long as the amount that it helps the relative translates into its own genetic material being passed on. Its genetic material must be passed on at a more beneficial rate than the act costs the individual. This is a very significant concept, because it explains the main flaw in Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. Without this knowledge, certain animals would be exceptions to Natural Selection. Social Darwinism. This concept is based around the “survival of the fittest” concept. The theory says that some people are inherently better than others due to their genetic makeup, and over time they will dominate the society. At the time it was created, it led to ranking systems, and other racist ideologies. The lower class people with less desirable traits
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