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Dream Job_043_dduerde - Have experience in robotics Show...

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Dennis Duerden Engr 141 March 1, 2009 Job Title: Robotics Team Manager Responsibilities: Overall Be able to develop and program computers Be able to manage and lead a group of engineers Be able to make serious and instantaneous decisions. Responsibilities: Specific Lead the team in order to develop a mechanical robot that resembles that of a human being. Develop programming that shows AI close to that of a human being. Job Hierarchy: 1. CEO 2. Robotics Team Manager 3. Electrical Engineers, and Computer Engineers 4. Technicians and Mechanics Qualifications: Have graduated college with a degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering. Obtained a MBA. Show leadership abilities both on and off the work place.
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Unformatted text preview: Have experience in robotics Show Ambition to change the world. This job is working on the grand challenge of reverse engineering the brain. It has been said that when the engineering towards creating smarter intelligence that resembles that of the human brain hasnt taken much account into how the actual brain works. This project will not only be developing a human robot that can move just like a human, but a robot that can think close to a human as well. In order to do this the brain must be reverse engineered to find a way to develop a computer that can not only mimic a humans brain power but can also fit inside a body the size of a human....
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Dream Job_043_dduerde - Have experience in robotics Show...

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