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Father Mother Siblings Birth Order 1 st Born child S1 st Born grow up to be more successful S2 maller families achieve higher educational qualifications y in the super vision of their siblings. Have the duties of teaching the younger siblings point higher IQ then younger siblings due to family dynamics. d resources with subsequent cognitive & intellectual stimulation. ore in the formal education. Yvonne Mountain March 9, 2009 Sociology 250.01 Introduction to Social Research Mr. Werner The Effect on Personality and Success for the First Born Child Yvonne Mountain San Diego State University Keyword: birth order, siblings, parents, success, personality, 1 st Born Child Abstract: Today on average a greater percent of CEO’s are discovered to be first born children in their family. The purpose of my social research is to discover if social influence and birth order can affect the success of the oldest child. In my research I discovered that the eldest child in a family usually grows up to become more successful than their siblings due different aspects that surround their everyday life. The paper will explore different reason for why one child’s position in the family can affect their life. We will look at different aspects of family influences, the difference in personalities, parent child quality time and family size. These will conclude the difference in Birth order can affect a child’s life.
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Introduction: For decades now researches have studied that child outcomes differ by birth order and that there are many reason for why there is a significant difference in children. The influence of birth order on personality was a theme proposed by Alfred Adler, asserting that the order on which an individual is born in a family influences the subsequent personality. He argued that birth order can leave an indelible impression on an individual's style of life, which is one's habitual way of dealing with the tasks of friendship, love, and work (Kirkcaldy, Furnham and Siefen 2009). Many people don’t realize that birth order is such an important role on educational attainment, personality, intelligence and success in the future. The purpose of this paper is to identify the reason for why social influences and being born early in birth order make a difference in people’s professional advantage and to help gain knowledge and understanding of people. The social system demonstrated in Figure 1, will explore the relationship between parents and siblings and help explain my research. The social system for the model is family and the different element consist of whomever lives in the home which is usually the mother, father, children and some times other friends or family members. The parent’s role on the child plays a significant difference in each child depending on how they treat them. The relationships stated here are usually the reasons for the causes and differences so with this information we hope to make a strong final conclusion. Method:
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1stdraft - Yvonne Mountain March 9 2009 Sociology 250.01...

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