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Comment paper Mountain, Yvonne 03-18-2009 Professor Roberts The Marx-Engels Reader This section begins with talking about the topic of political economy. He goes into detail about how there’s a distinction between capitalist and land-rentier in which will become two classes the property-owners and the propertyless workers. He talks about how there a large competition in the political economy for property and labor. It seem as if when talking about labor and man he saying that the more and harder they work do the less they receive, that the more commodity he creates the cheaper they become. Its hard to understand why is it that they harder they work the lower they become or receive. It show how hard men work but how far they got. The work between a man and labor is something very natural but he’s saying that the more you work the more you’re alienating yourself from that object. We must give ourselves to our work, which we must become the physical subject. In the political economy there’s a negative relation between the worker and the product, you see the great and beautiful outcomes for the product but it gives a negative
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outcome towards the worker. Next he goes to explain the concept of forced labor the idea that man is unhappy at work, which he is happy at home and work does nothing but bring him down.
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