Syllabus2084 - Economics 0100—Spring Term 2084...

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Economics 0100—Spring Term 2084 Introduction to Microeconomic Theory Professor: Dr. Shirley Cassing Telephone: (412)-648-1729 Office: 4915 WWPH Office Hours: T 1:30-2:30, W 11-12 Email: [email protected] Course Website: Textbook: Microeconomics , by R. Glenn Hubbard and Anthony Patrick O’Brien, 1 st Edition, Prentice Hall. You are strongly encouraged to read the text before coming to class. Check out the textbook’s companion website ( for practice quizzes, chapter summaries, and answers to some end-of chapter questions. Problem Sets: The best way to learn the principles of economics is to actively use them by solving problems that both test and extend your understanding. Answering the questions in the Problem Sets will help you learn to apply the concepts presented in the textbook and lectures, and prepare you for the kinds of questions you will encounter on exams and quizzes. The problem sets will not be collected and graded so your main source of feedback on them will be provided in recitations. Your TA will discuss answers to the problems and offer
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2008 for the course ECON 0100 taught by Professor Kenkel during the Spring '08 term at Pittsburgh.

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Syllabus2084 - Economics 0100—Spring Term 2084...

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