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Economics 183 DEVELOPMENT OF ECONOMIC INSTITUTIONS IN THE UNITED STATES Winter 2009 Tuesday, Thursday 9:30-10:45 am Humanities 135 Professor Leah Boustan Course Description: We will apply economic theory and quantitative reasoning to understand how the United States emerged as a world economic leader over the 20 th century. Among other topics, we will consider the roles of natural resource abundance, transportation improvements, the rise of mass production and big business, and the relatively early and widespread availability of public education. We will also discuss some of the problems that Americans faced as the nation grew, including slavery and economic inequality. Reading Materials: There is no textbook from this class. Instead, we will read original research articles written by active economic historians. All reading for this class is available electronically. Links are provided on the class website ( ). I suggest that you print the reading out, rather than reading from the screen, and read with pen in hand. **Important Note** If you plan to access the electronic reading on the class website from an off- campus computer, you will need to configure your computer using the Bruin On-Line proxy server. You can read about this process here: . You can also direct questions by phone to 267-HELP (4357), Option 1; by email to [email protected] ; or in person at the Bruin On-Line office in Kerckhoff Hall, Suite 124. I will not answer questions about this process. Evaluation:
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Ec183_syllabus_2009 - Economics 183 DEVELOPMENT OF ECONOMIC...

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