SAM_NOTES - Section III o Overfishing very prominent in...

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Section III o Overfishing very prominent in Jamaica o Lower fish population, lower predators of diadema, increased population of diadema, effects on reefs. o Community structure drastically changes because of overfishing o Mussels and bi-valves are filter-feeders o Oysters have been overfished, then pollution into Chesapeake Bay, not enough oysters to filter it out o 1993 – Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) – US has exclusive fishing rights around Hawaii, Alaska, FL and East Coast, etc. o Many biologists don’t think fishing is sustainable, especially with commercial fishing o Solutions? o Zonation Zone where sport fishing, all fishing, or no fishing o Reduce size of fleets Cannot eliminate, will cause too many social and economic problems o Remove subsidies that lead to overfishing Cheaper fuel, etc. o Give fisherfolk the ownership whether than having common fishing areas o More effort into monitoring and recording how much one brings in o Aquaculture – 20% of fish and shellfish (shrimp) Culture is much more easily infected with disease Pollution is also a problem o Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) o Also EA (Environmental Assesments) o ES – Environmental Statement o EIS – Environmental Impact Statement o EIR – Environmental Impact Report Statement studies are supported in part or full by the gov’t Report, no federal money o DEIS, DEIR – Draft statement/report o Scoping – first meeting of the group that will do the EIA, control the funds, etc. o Didn’t start in US o History of Scoping o Early 60’s - 1969 – Vietnam war, groups of students became more interested in the environment and effects on it EPA established – ‘69 Began EIS o Done by large engineering companies o Usually quick studies, 3-6 months to produce draft report Must be no longer than 150 pages o For first 6-12 years, everything but engineering was poor o Purpose: to allow for healthy fishing o 3 areas: environmental, social,
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o Must have laypersons involved in the EIA project (those who live in the area affected); if you
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SAM_NOTES - Section III o Overfishing very prominent in...

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