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notes in milw - Bisc Notes for 4/13/05 -Lime disease...

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Bisc Notes for 4/13/05 - Lime disease started in N.E. United States, now common in N. California and Oregon -Adult tick that is a carrier is the size of a pepper grain -If treated within a few weeks, you can be ok. Otherwise, causes severe damage to brain, heart, and nervous system. -Deer tick, zodes, is the vector or carrier of lime disease. -Have a human vaccine, but its only 50% effective and its extremely hard to find here in LA. -The deer tick is only the temporary host…humans are other. - Chocksidiae mycosis : common in tropics, caves, etc. Fungi that feeds on bat guano. - Krypto-Sponideum : single-celled protozoa that is now found in our LA water supply. You must bring your own water when camping in San Gabriel Mountains. -Severe intestinal pain-not lethal, but bad. Treatable with some antibiotics. - Dutch Elm Disease : fungal infection that effected trees, Dutch elms died by hundreds of thousands - Gyardia : under microscope, it looks like 2 large eyes. Doctor will ask for fecal samples and look at it under a microscope. -Professor went to Fiji and was diving collecting organisms. Customary that before you leave the part of the island you buy a kilo (2.2 lbs) of this “root” and take it with you. -Then at next island, someone meets chief of village and gives half of the root to chief. You must go through ceremony, etc. Chief gives half root to women who grind the root into a powder, then mix it with water and get “cava.” -Next day at the ceremony, pass coconut shell filled with cava and swallow it. Then they refill it and pass it around the circle. Cava looks like dirty dish of water and is disgusting tasting. -the cava makes “Fijins” drunk.
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notes in milw - Bisc Notes for 4/13/05 -Lime disease...

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