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Steven Avery April 13, 2005 Bisc. 102 TA: Louis Ecobeaker #5--Butterflies Report To Euguene, Oregon: I have done some experiments with my nifty ecobeaker lab to help the city determine an optimal way to maximize the butterfly population. In order to do so, I will need to expand the prairie. In this process, I did not add more than 200 hectares of prairie in my experiments. Attached are some graphs I made from different experiments, all of which included the model running for at least 200 weeks. My experiments ranged from adding blocks of prairie to adding multiple corridors of prairie.
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Unformatted text preview: The most effective means of reproducing butterflies occurred when I connected all the blocks of prairie with corridors. The population remained consistent, reaching a maximum around 100 and getting as low was 30. Therefore the optimal way to restore the prairie would be to connect the entire prairie with corridors. The least effective way was with the single block of prairie added, because no corridors were used in that situation. Sincerely, Steve Avery...
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