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class12 - MGM bringing suit against Pirate Bay • 1...

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1 Law and Innovations Relationships and Problems Levels of technological development Research and development --proprietary research --copyright and trademark --patents --product testing: alpha and beta Innovation theory Diffusion of innovations • “Clown” theory Disruptive innovations Innovation Theory, Practice, and Policy All identify changing cultures
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2 Piracy of digital information Is the piracy intentional or unintentional? Is there an economic imperative? In the U.S. personal use is protected differently than in other countries Stockholm Piracy Case (in court now) International legal issue: • 20 th Century Fox, Sony, Warner Bros, and
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Unformatted text preview: MGM bringing suit against Pirate Bay • 1 million hits per day; • $14.3 million in damages What concerns should you have? • Public space • Use of trademarked names i.e. no logos on clothing no store names in background no featured individuals without permission 3 Collaboration and Web 2.0 • Do you give up some of your intellectual property? • Do you protect your rights in terms of collaborative ventures and potential profit? Web 3.0 • “3-D” searching (but not in 3-D space) • Cloud computing Innovation of WiFi • Intended to be a public service • Problems and failures...
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  • Spring '09
  • JariceHanson
  • 20th Century Fox, Innovation Theory, Law and Innovations, theory Disruptive innovations, Stockholm Piracy Case

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