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Problem set 5 questions - CELL BIOLOGY PROBLEM SET 5 1 What...

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CELL BIOLOGY PROBLEM SET 5 1. What was the J.D. Robertson model of the cell membrane? Did the Robertson model confirm or refute the Danielli/Davson model of the cell membrane and was it an accurate model? JD Robertson  TEM + Plastic thin sectioning technique used Called it JD Robinson Unit Membrane  What He saw: o Unit membrane Was wrong o Had preconceived notion of Danelli and Danson model of protein on cell;  thought unit membrane was actually protein, then lipid bilayer, then protein o PROTEIN DOES NOT STAIN o Did not realize that the dark layer was the heads of phospholipids; heavy  caused by Osmium stain 2. Describe the freeze-fracture technique. What were the “bumps” determined to be when first seen? What experiment was done to confirm it? Dan Branton Invented Freeze Fracture What He did o Took some cells, freeze fracture o Saw bumps > bumps are proteins Thought they were ice crystals o Made liposomes Pure phospholipids bilayers o Did experiment again, no bumps There appears to be a mosaic of intermolecular cell membrane proteins Many Pass though the membrane 3. Explain how a cell fusion experiments is performed, as described in class. What did this experiment help to tell us about the cell membrane? Cell Fusion o 2 cells, Mouse and Human o You have monoclonal antibodies, 2 sets, one for mouse and 1 for human o Fuse them, have a heterokaryon
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o Add antibodies o Half cell is fourescent with red, other half green o After 30-40 minutes, will appear yellow
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Problem set 5 questions - CELL BIOLOGY PROBLEM SET 5 1 What...

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