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Exam Four Study Guide. AGEC 505. Agricultural Market Structures. Spring 2008. READ : Chapter 11, Sections 11.5 and 11.6, Chapter 12, Section 12.1 1. Bundling 2. Advertising Graph, optimal level of advertising, advertising to sales ratio, and Ea. 3. Market Structures Spectrum Characteristics of: a. Perfect Competition (SR and LR equilibrium) b. Monopolistic Competition c. Oligopoly d. Monopoly (equilibrium) 4. Monopolistic Competition Characteristics, SR and LR graphs, efficiency implications.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Oligopoly a. Nash Equilibrium b. Perfect Competition c. Cournot d. Bertrand e. Stackelberg f. Monopoly 6. Game Theory a. Prisoners’ Dilemma b. Game, Payoff, Strategy, Optimal Strategy, Dominant Strategy c. Equilibrium in Dominant Strategies 7. Price Rigidity a. Kinked Demand Curve Model 8. Price Signaling/Price Leadership 9. Dominant Firm Model 10. Cartels...
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